We are taking a break in 2023 and look forward to seeing you in 2024! 

Health and safety 

If your whole school site or buildings have been closed for many weeks, or if parts of the building have been out of use for a long period, then you should consider undertaking a health and safety check of the buildings concerned. You should speak to your trust or local authority about this if you are unsure whether you need it or how to commission it. 
You might also need to make adjustments to your fire drill and practise it in the first week when more pupils return. Refer to advice on fire safety in new and existing school buildings. 

Social distancing 

Start with an examination of the classrooms available, and any other rooms to be used as temporary classrooms. 
You may need to spread out into different classrooms or spaces than is usually the case. If you are having to split, for example, a reception class and use a non-reception classroom for half the class, you may need to move some essential resources into the non-reception room, if there is space to do so. 
You should be mindful to minimise the number of resources in order to make sure they can be wiped clean. Wherever possible, resources which are not easily washable or wipeable should be removed. 

Cleaning and hygiene 

You will want to decide and make clear to the school staff and parents what your expectations are about cleaning and hygiene. 
Once children are back in school, all frequently touched surfaces, equipment, door handles and toilets used during the day will need to be cleaned thoroughly each day. Talk to your cleaning provider about what will be needed. 
Refer to guidance on cleaning non-healthcare settings for more information. 
The guidance on implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings provides detailed advice on measures schools need to consider. 

Movement around the Great Yorkshire Maze 

Try to reduce possible contact between different groups of children, and between adults, it may be helpful for corridors to be used on a one way basis at any given time. 
The guidance on implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings provides more suggestions on planning things like corridor access, lunch breaks and pick-up and drop-off times. 
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